Flood Mitigation Committee Alert:

Post date: Jul 9, 2012 3:23:03 PM

Comments to FEMA on Local Mitigation Planning Handbook

July 9, 2012

TO: ASFPM Flood Mitigation Committee

FROM: Deb Mills & Steve Ferryman, ASFPM Flood Mitigation Committee Co-Chairs

Comments for FEMA on Local Mitigation Planning Handbook

Thanks to all of you who turned out for our Mitigation Committee activities at the annual conference in San Antonio. We are excited to offer Mitigators an opportunity to comment on this important FEMA Local Mitigation Plan Guidance.

FEMA has released its second draft of the Local Mitigation Planning Handbook. The Handbook will complement the Local Mitigation Plan Review Guide (which can be seen here) that was released last Fall, and it is intended to guide plan developers - that is, communities that participate in and/or develop new or updated local hazard mitigation plans. The Guide and Handbook, once released, will replace the "Blue Book" that is currently used to guide plan reviewers and developers to meet local mitigation plan requirements under 44 CFR Part 201.6.

The deadline for submitting review comments is fast approaching. Mitigation Committee members are asked to please review the draft Handbook and submit individual comments directly to FEMA by July 20, 2012. If you'd also like to submit comments to be considered in ASFPM's consolidated comments, please review and submit comments to Deb and Steve by July 13, 2012. We appreciate your quick turnaround on this important issue!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING TO ASFPM BY JULY 13, 2012: To submit your comments to the Flood Mitigation Committee Co-Chairs please email your comments, in this excel spreadsheet only, to: Steve Ferryman at saferryman@dps.state.oh.us and Deborah Mills at dmills@dewberry.com:

1. Please click the following link to download and review the Handbook: http://www.starr-team.com

2. Please record all comments using the excel spreadsheet comment form, noting the page, line item, the specific change to the document and, if necessary, the reason for the change.

3. Select the "Handbook_Feedback_Submission_Form_07032012" document.

4. Save the file with your comments using the following format: Handbook_Feedback_LastName_MMDDYY.xlsx

5. Submit your comments to the Flood Mitigation Committee Co-Chairs by emailing them (in the excel spreadsheet only) to: Steve Ferryman at saferryman@dps.state.oh.us and Deborah Mills at dmills@dewberry.com.


1. Follow steps 1-4 above.

2. Submit your comment form to FEMA at mitigation_planning@accenture.com.