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  MNAFPM 2015 May 
MnAFPM 2009 December   9.2 
MnAFPM 2009 May  details on the 2009 national ASFPM conference and the 2009 joint MN/WI State floodplain conference, some fun facts about Minnesota’s Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands, as well as several other flood related articles. 9.1 
MnAFPM 2008 January  reviews the 2007 Annual MnAFPM Conference. It also discusses map modernization, the Community Rating System, explores what a substantially damaged structure is and offers an update on the staffing changes in the Floodplain Unit of DNR waters.  8.1 
MnAFPM 2007 March  includes FEMA's September 2006 Procedure Memo 43, Guidelines for Identifying Provisionally Accredited Levees as well as Minnesota's Map Modernization Business Plan Update. The newsletter also has information on the Spring Luncheon and the 2007 Annual MnAFPM Conference. 7.1 
MnAFPM 2006 October  successes and results of flood hazard mitigation and effective coordination. 6.2 
MnAFPM 2006 April  summarizes upcoming luncheon and conference events, provides an overview of FEMA's updated elevation certificate, discusses Map Mod Mid-Course Correction and much more. 6.1 
MnAFPM 2005 August  summarizes highlights for recent and upcoming conferences, provides a FEMA MHIP update and discusses the need to update Community Floodplain Ordinances.  5.2 
MnAFPM 2005 February  summarizes changes to Minnesota's Map Modernization Business Plan, discusses how to apply for a planning and natural hazards Award, and recaps highlights from the 2004 Conference. 5.1 
MnAFPM 2004 July  Map Modernization and Mitigation Planning 4.1 
MNAFPM 2015 May Summarizes highlights for recent and upcoming conferences, the DNR Water Talk Newsletter, and other training opportunities. 15.1 
MnAFPM 2012 March  2012 ASFPM Conference, 2011 MnAFPM Conference Summary 12.1 
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