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New Guide to Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Emergencies

posted Aug 17, 2015, 8:46 AM by Joe Waln
Risk reduction can be achieved through various means, including improved approaches to flood warning and emergency management. The USACE Dam and Levee Safety Programs have recently engaged with renowned social scientists Dennis Mileti and John Sorensen, in the areas of warning and evacuation to better understand what motivates people to take protective actions during an emergency event. "A Guide to Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Emergencies" (pdf, 2.22 MB) summarizes the results of that effort. It is targeted at anyone involved in the emergency management process, including emergency management officials, public affairs personnel (public information officers, public affairs officers), emergency first responders (incident commanders, police and fire personnel), dam and levee owners and operators, radio and television broadcasters, public elected officials, and other people or organizations involved with or interested in local emergency management.