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FEMA Releases Spreadsheet on Flood Policies Possibly Affected by BW-12 Section 205

posted May 8, 2013, 10:58 AM by Joe Waln

I was recently on a call on BW-12 outreach.  Basically, it seems like the new BW-12 outreach materials instruct the insured to: 1) talk to local officials about mitigation and, 2) talk to state officials about mitigation. In order to be prepared to assist on the mitigation end, there needs to be good knowledge and awareness of where BW-12 policy increases are going to hit.

FEMA has released a spreadsheet on Flood Policies Possibly Affected by BW-12 Section 205 with lots of data on the number of policies by state, community, etc.  NOTE: the spreadsheet has three worksheets: 1) numbers by state, 2) numbers by state and county, and 3) numbers by state, county, and participating community. The only caveats to using this spreadsheet that FEMA wanted us to note is that the data only relates to subsidized policies touched by Sec. 205. It does not cover grandfathered policies losing discounts next year and after under Sec. 207.

It is a bit cumbersome to use in its current form, but FEMA tells us there will be a new overlay tool that they are producing where I think anyone (state, local, public) can query and extract data, down to maybe the zip code level, the numbers of properties affected by the Pre-FIRM move to actuarial. The tool is almost complete; it is going through agency review and concurrence now.  

ASFPM thinks it is important for all of you to have this information to use however it helps in your efforts to work with communities on BW-12 issues, map roll out, or other purposes.  As soon as the new extraction tool is available, we will make sure you have it.

Additionally, If you have not seen ASFPM's BW-12 paper on affordability of flood insurance, which goes hand and glove with this data it can also be found posted on the NFIP page of the ASFPM website.

We trust you will find this data of interest and urge you to share this information in any way that helps everyone do their jobs of reducing flood losses. Questions about the spreadsheet or affordability paper can be directed to Larry Larson, ASFPM Sr. Policy Advisor at or myself at or by calling either of us at the Executive Office at 608-828-3000.

Chad Berginnis
ASFPM Executive Director