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ASFPM Member Alert:

posted Feb 12, 2015, 2:10 PM by Flood Fight

 ASFPM Member Alert:

Asking members to comment on EO & FFRMS Implementing Guidelines 

Feb. 12, 2015


The public has until April 6 to comment on the draft guidelines to implement President Obama's new Executive Order 13690 and proposed Federal Flood Risk Management Standard. The Association of State Floodplain Managers leadership are asking you to formally weigh in on those guidelines.


Obama on Jan. 30 issued the EO, which amends EO 11988. The adjustments contain a new FFRMS, and new considerations by federal agencies as they implement the 8-step process. The purpose of the new standard is to protect federal taxpayer investments that build, fund or provide federal assistance for actions in floodplains. Federal agencies now must develop rules on how they will apply the standard to their programs. The draft guidelines lay out suggestions to the agencies, including how they can define the new floodplain and protection standard vertically and horizontally using one of three approaches:

  • Freeboard value approach - Base Flood Elevation (100-year) +2 feet freeboard for non-critical actions and +3 feet for critical actions,
  • 500-year elevation approach, or
  • Climate-informed science approach.

ASFPM is asking its membership to read through the Revised Guidelines for Implementing Executive Order 11988, and make note of language you support, and if you have questions or concerns, note them along with a suggestion of what you think might be a practical solution. To comment, go to the Federal Register and search for FEMA-2015-006, and click on the blue "Comment Now!" button.


ASFPM Executive Director Chad Berginnis indicated what a unique opportunity commenting on this new standard is to floodplain managers. "Most of us have never in our careers been able to comment on an all-agency implementation guidelines."


He said, "If you simply agree with the new standard, you still need to comment. The federal government needs to hear the voice of floodplain managers loudly!"


ASFPM has set up an FFRMS resources page on its website if you would like more information on EO 13690 and FFRMS. Go to, and toward the bottom of the page under "Current Events," click on Federal Flood Risk Management Standard Information Page. As new developments occur, we will update this page, so check it often.





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